Why Lease Ice Machines in Tampa Bay, FL

we guarantee
a reliable and clean ice machine at an unbeatable price. We take care of everything for a flat monthly rental fee. There are no hidden charges.
Capital is limited and precious. Capital should not be spent on items that won't better differentiate your business, earn you additional revenue, position you for future growth, etc. Ice is like other necessities, such as gas and electric, which provide no unique value to you or your customers. There is minimal up front cost with an Ice Machine Lease from S & W Refrigeration. Our monthly lease rates begin @ only $105.
Ice machines require a lot of maintenance to keep them operational. Below is a partial list of the various operational hassles you should expect to incur when owing and maintaining your own Ice Machine.
Investigation of proper sizes and types needed for your business
Scheduling installation
Payment for installation
Payment for periodic maintenance to prolong the life of the your machine
Payment for repairs
Payment for travel charges, after hours charges, holiday surcharges