Lease Ice Machines in Tampa Bay, FL

If your ice machine isn't keeping up with demand, or you're opening a new business, S&W Refrigeration has the answer. We stock a wide variety of ice machines that can produce anywhere from 50 to 2,000 pounds of ice a day.

Besides ice machines, we provide ice storage bin rentals at affordable prices. These bins hold 100 to 1,300 pounds of ice. Installation of our rental ice machines are no problem because every technician at S&W Refrigeration has at least eight years of commercial field service experience. Our techs can install your rental ice machine and bin quickly and efficiently.

Long-term rentals are available and provide an excellent way to save money for new businesses. S&W Refrigeration lease contracts also include service, parts, and maintenance. Plus, the rental price you pay is tax deductible!
advantages of leasing
  • Minimal money down and no installation charges.
  • Service! Service! Service! S&W Refrigeration handles that for you. Just call if there is a problem. We will get you running with priority service.
  • Many of our customer's businesses grow and their ice needs change. Leasing provides an easy way to upgrade your ice maker without having to try and trade your machine in and get another one reinstalled.
  • Earn Frequent Flyer Miles on us. S&W Refrigeration takes Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We will charge your credit card each month and you earn the miles.
Why Lease Ice Machines in Tampa Bay, FL

we guarantee
a reliable and clean ice machine at an unbeatable price. We take care of everything for a flat monthly rental fee. There are no hidden charges.
Capital is limited and precious. Capital should not be spent on items that won't better differentiate your business, earn you additional revenue, position you for future growth, etc. Ice is like other necessities, such as gas and electric, which provide no unique value to you or your customers. There is minimal up front cost with an Ice Machine Lease from S & W Refrigeration. Our monthly lease rates begin @ only $105.
Ice machines require a lot of maintenance to keep them operational. Let that be S & W Refrigeration's Responsibility.
Basic Terms and Conditions
  • Signed lease
  • Ice Machines cannot be placed outdoors except undercover.
Contact us today
and an experienced, qualified employee will answer your questions and determine the best solution for your ice needs.